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Managing allergies and food choices

The method

The ImuPlan method is personalized. It provides access to recipes and nutritional advice tailored to your individual nutritional profile.


With a protocol in three phases: the elimination of certain foods, their gradual reintroduction to test if symptoms return and stabilisation phase. With ImuPlan you can manage all three phases for several foods by planning your meals and your diet by keeping a food journal.

Mobile ImuPlan

With mobile ImuPlan you have access at all times to information that will help you manage your allergies and food choices. Updates are easy.

ImuPlan gives you access to compatible recipes with your allergies, and your food preferences. You can also plan your meals and get nutritional advice.
The Nutrimeter ® helps you adapt your diet to your personalized nutritional profile and to meet your recommended nutritional intake ... and your appetite!

Food allergies:

Each of us is different and has unique needs.


ImuPlan helps you plan and monitor your food diet

Personal profile

Define your personal profile including your physiological and nutritional data, allergies (delayed, immediate), your symptoms and food preferences


Search and filter recipes, taking into account your profile. Includes nutritional analysis for each recipe

Food consumption Journal

Allows you to easily manage the rotation of your food consumption

Delayed allergies

Learn more about delayed allergies type III, commonly known intolerances, causes, symptoms and diagnosis.

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